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If you have been enjoying my writings and listening to my talks, then you already know that I am a Warrior who bears her share of hardship like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. But you also know that learning how to put on the armor of God was not something that came naturally. Honestly? Going fetal underneath my dining room table was what came naturally! 

We have a choice. Live in fear, or live unafraid. I have done both, and I refuse to stand by and watch another woman make her decisions out of fear. God has put a calling on my heart. I want to encourage all women to stand strong in the midst of the battle. Is this easy? Good grief, no! It is insanely hard. But I have found the secret to standing your ground and I have been called to share it with everyone.

Answering this call requires that I put in the work, and give God my best. I will need to study more, learn more, speak more, and write more. And if I am going to create not just more content, but better content, financial support is key. Would you consider joining me as a Warrior, as we set out together to reach more women? I can promise you that the new content I will be able to create, with your passionate support, is going to be worth every penny! 

Exactly how will your pennies help me to succeed? I'd be upgrading the tools that I use to create better content with the ability to offer what so many are already requesting: on line talks, private book clubs, a second book.  It would also allow me to support my web designer with more than a decade of the rosary. I could make an investment in a course or two, allowing me access to spiritual tools that will help me grow as a Catholic communicator and influencer.

When you join this Warrior community, you will receive exclusive posts, materials, and access to one of a kind offers that will inspire and encourage you as you fight your own battle. Thank you for sharing in my excitement to do God's work. I am so very grateful that we do not stand on the battlefield alone.