Laura Phelps is a speaker, author and ministry coordinator,  who enjoys traveling from state to state, meeting countless women and ministering to their hearts. With confidence in God and the desire to do His will (not at all implying that this comes easily) Laura firmly believes that everyone has a story that is worthy, important, and needs to be told. 


A lifelong Catholic, Laura grew up in the suburbs of New York, wanting to become a Broadway Star. This dream came to a sudden halt when she encountered rejection, questioned her ability, and gave in to the world’s definition of success. As a result, Laura spent many years searching for herself and purpose in just about everything but God.


After marriage, a move across the country, four kids, going broke and trying to stand beneath the burden of a seemingly meaningless life that she believed “was all that there is,” Laura encountered Christ in a deep and personal way.  In an empty church, she found herself whispering a prayer of just two words. What were those words? USE ME.


I suppose in this moment of gratitude for His rescue, and the desire for all the hurting and weary to experience this same awesome grace, Laura knew that the only acceptable response to meeting Jesus was to get up and serve. Of course, secretly, she was hoping that they way in which God was going to use her would be easy, pain free, joyous, and with miraculously thinner thighs.


She was wrong.


Since encountering Christ and signing up as His Apostle, Laura has faced and endured the biggest battles of her life, and dare I say, her thighs got bigger. Truth be told, the war still rages on, and thanks be to God for it! How can she be thankful? Because throughout this endless fight, Laura has learned to do what we all do when we are afraid. We call our Mother! Consecrating herself to Jesus through Mary, Laura is forever learning how to surrender to God’s will, keeping her greatest weapon - the Holy Rosary - on her at all times. In addition to her devotion to Our Lady, Laura has discovered another weapon she reaches for daily: the Word of God. She encountered the gift of Scripture through bible study, working in various roles at Walking With Purpose, a Catholic ministry that aims to lead women into an intimate relationship with Christ through Scripture. Laura also discovered the long, flowy dress, solving the growing thigh issue.


Laura never did make it to the Broadway stage, but recognizes the bigger stage God has called her to. With her experience as a young singer/actress, public speaking classes at Emerson College in MA, and her God given gift of oversharing, Laura has witnessed first hand how God wastes nothing, and weaves every bit of our mess into something beautiful. She is humbled and grateful to be a professional communicator and OSV published Author, all for the love of Jesus.


When Laura is not speaking or writing, you can find her at home, cleaning the kitchen, reading on the couch, praying for her four children, walking the dogs, tweezing her entire face, and budgeting with her husband. Which I know...does not sound exciting in the least...and yet, she’d have it no other way. Well, except for the tweezing part.