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Laura Phelps is a Catholic speaker, author, and Content Creation Manager at Walking With Purpose, a national women's Bible study that enables women to know Christ through Scripture. Not too long ago, she discovered that the Bible was actually meant to be opened and read, and now she wants everyone to open and read their Bibles, too.

Because God's Word changes everything.

Laura joined Walking with Purpose in 2016 after a personal encounter with Christ and an undeniable call on her heart to share her story with others. Beginning her journey as a pastoral parish coordinator, Laura has served in many roles at WWP, from blogger to co-host of Truth With Handles, WWP's YouTube series, to Content Creator Manager and National Speaker. Laura is excited to announce her newest role as co-host of Hope For Right Now: A Walking With Purpose Podcast. 

Relatable, honest, and often hilarious, Laura generously shares the pain of her life, offering you the hope and healing she has found through Jesus and Mary. You will undoubtedly walk away feeling lighter, stronger, and not so alone.  Author of Victorious Secret: Everyday Battles And How To Win Them and Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide To Suffering (highlighted on The Abiding Together podcast as Michelle Benzinger’s “one good thing”!), Laura is on a personal mission to wake women up to the battle and to hold fast to the truth we try so hard to ignore: that there is no way around your cross, so you might as well embrace it.

Laura’s OSV Innovative Talk, “Sandy Hook and Life at the Foot of the Cross” is available to watch here. She has been a guest on many radio shows and podcasts, including The Katie McGrady Show on Sirius XM and Danielle Bean’s, Girlfriends, which you can listen to here


If you would like to invite Laura to speak at your event, contact her here.

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