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"My copy of Victorious Secret: Everyday Battles and How to Win Them arrived on a Friday and I was done with it by Saturday afternoon! I couldn't put it down -- it was like talking to your best friend. Laura is so incredibly real and incredibly funny! The first thing I wanted to do after reading it was get a copy for every woman I know. Such a wonderful reminder that we are in a battle but more importantly we are not alone. I highly recommend this book."

- Catherine Pazik

"A refreshingly candid and humorous guide to growing in holiness. What a joy to read."

- Amazon Customer

Are you exhausted from striving to prove your worth?

Do you base your identity on how filled up your planner is?

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the kitchen sink, staring out the kitchen window wondering,

“Is this it?”


Laura Mary Phelps is familiar with the daily battle women face. From wanting the ideal home, to flawless skin, to that picture-perfect marriage, Laura understands that the spiritual struggle is all too real. We think that we can fight this battle by our own strength. We pretend that the loneliness, dissatisfaction, jealousy and emptiness we battle can be won by slapping on an Instagram filter, grabbing an expensive latte or drowning ourselves in a bowl of chips and salsa. But is this really working for us? Can we truly say we are winning the daily battle, or are we simply numbing ourselves to the fight?


We deserve something better than a numbed out life. We were made not only to fight these battles but to win them. Victorious Secret: Everyday Battles and How to Win Them will show you how to put on your spiritual armor and face the fight every day. It’s not always easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is. And you, sweet sister? You are worth it. Laura knows what it is like when life feels like a hot mess, but the truth is, Jesus not only loves our mess, but he meets us right in it. We are deeply loved by the Lord, and he gives us everything we need to face our everyday battles — provided we’re willing to receive what he has to offer.


Are you ready to put down your chips and salsa and fight?


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