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"Suffering is a universal experience, which is how I know this book is for everyone. In this profoundly personal and beautiful work, Laura generously shares her own story and pain inviting us into the hope and healing she's found through Jesus and Mary. Her words, prayers, and tools will help you to open up your heart to the Lord, allow Him to heal the pain of your past, be strengthened in current trials, and have hope for the future, no matter what comes."


-Beth Davis
Director of Ministry Advancement, Blessed Is She

“Sweet Cross” is the title of this gem of a book by Laura Phelps. Sweet and Cross are not usually two words I would frame together but we serve a God that makes every bitter thing sweet (Proverbs 27:7), and we know that with each cross comes a resurrection. If you are anything like me, you like to avoid the crosses in your life, but Laura extends an invitation to each of us through Marian virtues to not only pick up our crosses, but to stand, embrace, and kiss the crosses in our lives preparing ourselves to see God’s glory revealed. ​

This book is a journey with Mary, the Mother of God. Laura, our humble travel guide, uses her own personal stories and insights along with wisdom from the saints and sacred scripture to guide us on this pilgrimage deeper into the heart of the Blessed Mother. 

- Michelle Benzinger
co-host of the Abiding Together Podcast, Creative Director, Speaker. 

Laura’s book is a love letter to those burdened by life’s crosses. She generously shares the struggles of her own challenging journey and the solutions she found through  Our Lady’s powerful presence at her side. In telling her story, Laura deftly combines inspiring faith, straight-shooting honesty, and savvy humor, to guide us to Our Lady’s comfort and support in all things

- Nancy McCann Vericker
co-author Unchained: Our Family’s Addiction Mess Is Our Message


As Christians, we know we have not been promised an easy, carefree life. And yet we resist suffering at every turn, despite Jesus’ clear and direct conditions if we want to be his disciples: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me” (Mt 16:24).

The truth is most of us find the cross bitter. We’d rather not have to carry it, and we wonder why God demands it of us. In Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide to Suffering, Laura Phelps reveals not only why suffering is a necessary part of our Christian life, but how we can learn to carry our cross without fear or complaint — and even to find that it is sweet. The secret is Mary.

Mary teaches us to be patient in our pain and strong in our suffering. Imitating her virtues fortifies us to embrace our suffering and to see the cross as it truly is: the place where Jesus shows his incredible love for us, and where we are given the opportunity to love him in return.


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